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all images © Florence Neal

Auburn University 1975, 1976

THE PLIER LOVERS, 1975, carved styrofoam, autobody filler, auto paint


HAMMER, carved styrofoam, autobody filler, auto paint



HAMMER & NAIL, Jim Pfaffman Architect, AIA, Birmingham, Alabama, 1977


OBJECT, Two Person Exhibition
scultpture by Florence Neal, paintings by Doree Albrigton
Smith Hall, Auburn University, 1976

BENT NAILS, 1975, carved styrofoam, Bondo autobody filler, auto paint


GEAR 1975, Sewn canvas from West Point cotton mill, styro-foam packing fill, 7' diameter

South College St., Auburn Alabama

HINGE, 1976, Aluminum, steel screws, 7' x 7'

HINGE installed at Preston-Philips Architects, New York, NY, 1979

SAW, 1975, stainless steel, hand-cut edge, laminated and carved plywood, 23' long


SAW, Sculpture house installation, Auburn University, assisted by Professor Brian Skelton, Scott Pfaffman, Robbie Evans, 1975

SAW, Woodworking shop, 3020 7th Ave. So, Birmingham, Alabama, 1980